A Medically Developed Weight Loss Method with Over a Decade of Success

During the weight loss phases of the Ideal Protein protocol, you consume 2-3 Ideal Protein products per day supplemented by salad and select vegetables. Additionally, during the first phase of the diet, you will fix and consume 1 meal per day, consisting of a lean protein (beef, fish, poultry) and vegetables (this increases to 2 meals during phase 2). Following phase 2 you will have achieved 100% of your weight loss goal. As you move through to the final phase, you will learn how to make smarter lifestyle choices which will help you develop better eating habits and ultimately assist you in maintaining your weight loss results. By the end of phase 4, you will no longer be required to consume Ideal Protein products. However, many of our dieters choose to continue eating the Ideal Protein products long after they’ve completed the weight loss portion of the protocol. Not because they think they should... but because they love the variety of flavors and the convenience of a great tasting snack.

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